Bernard Elgin Echols

Bernard Elgin Echols was born April 5th 1961 to the late Mr. Lewis Elgin Echols and
Mrs. Ola Mae Echols.

He was the first born of the family.  Bernard excelled in academics and sports.  He loved to play outdoors with the other children in the neighborhood.  To his family and friends,he was affectionately known as "Butch".

One tragic day while Mrs. Echols was driving the carpool children to school a transfer truck hit the car.  Bernard was ejected and suffered brain injury.  He did not survive his injuries.  


Mission Statement

The mission of the Bernard Echols Scholarship Fund is two-fold:

1. To provide financial assistance to current graduating Pure                   

2. To provide leadership training to youths who aspire to make a 

Holiness Churches of God high school students and its immediate affiliates membership families. Seeking fulltime academic status at a post-secondary accredited education facility; and

 positive change in their communities.